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Health Disparities Data

Important information about health disparities may be found in the report: Community Health Indicators for Contra Costa County.

Other Resources

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

  1. Office of Minority Health (OMH)
    • Data/statistics:
      Disparities in life expectancy at birth
      Health disparities experienced by African Americans in the US
      Demographic, social and economic characteristics of Latino population in the US from 2000 Census
    • Publications:
      • Closing the Gap Newsletter - newsletters devoted to a specific health topic of concern to minority communities
      • HIV IMPACT Newsletter - newsletter that focuses on HIV/AIDS in communities of color; includes current data, new research, legislative updates
  2. Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMHRC)
    • Distributes information on a wide variety of health topics for minority populations, including substance abuse, cancer, heart disease, violence, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and infant mortality
  3. Healthy People 2020
    • Nationwide health promotion and disease prevention agenda
    • Includes:
      1. Leading Health Indicators - includes individual behaviors, physical and social environmental factors, and important health system issues impacted by income and education
      2. Determinants of Health - individual biology and behavior, physical and social environments, policies and interventions, and access to quality health care
    • Contains 467 objectives to improve health which are organized into 28 focus areas including access to quality health services to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke
    • Focus on community involvement and participation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - National Center for Health Statistics

  • Health, United States: an annual report that shows current health statistics and trends by population subgroup

National Institutes of Health

  1. Addressing Health Disparities: The NIH Program of Action
    • Defines health disparities, gives examples of these disparities and goals and objectives to reduce these health gaps
  2. National Diabetes Education Program
    • Includes: Information about diabetes and pre-diabetes, information for health, education and business professionals, state-based programs for diabetes prevention

US Census Bureau - Minority Links

  • Links to the latest data on racial and ethnic populations in the United States: Latino, African American, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, American Indian/Native Alaskan

Health Literacy Consulting

  • Differences in culture, language, literacy, and familiarity with Western medicine can all be barriers to a new immigrant's ability to understand the U.S. healthcare system. This is a website that provides recommendations on how to help make the healthcare system in the US more accessible, understandable and usable for people who are new to this country.

The Provider's Guide to Quality and Culture

  • Provides data and information on health disparities and culturally competent care for four cultural groups: African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics/Latinos. Each "information sheet" provides information on six areas of urgent health disparity: cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, immunizations, and infant mortality.

Health Disparities Collaboratives

  • Portal for communication as well as a forum for sharing information regarding efforts to improve health care.

Health Research Educational Trust

  • Provides general Information Web sites Related to Disparities in Care.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

  • A research site for information on Minority Health.

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

  • Statewide network of multicultural health organizations
  • Includes: Data and resources (charts and statistics on racial and ethnic disparities in health conditions, charts and stats on the different rates of health insurance coverage, charts and statistics on the racial and ethnic make up of California, and language preference)

Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP)

  • Includes profiles of ethnic communities (Arab, Cambodian, Southeast Asian, etc.)

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

  • Oldest and largest network of Hispanic health and human services providers.
  • Includes: (Bilingual) Health Fact Sheets, Hispanic Health Needs Assessment.