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Contra Costa LEAD Plus Program

Contra Costa Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Plus (CoCo LEAD Plus) is a diversion program in Antioch, CA that allows police to refer people who would otherwise face prosecution for eligible low level criminal charges to community-based behavioral health services.

The objectives are to stop chronic patterns of arrest and re-arrest and to connect clients with comprehensive support services to improve their lives and avoid future contact with the criminal justice system.

How It Works
Community Oversight
About LEAD
Agendas & Minutes

  • Eligibility

    The Antioch Police Department and Contra Costa County Probation offer referrals to potential clients. A referred individual may be deemed eligible and considered for diversion of the initial eligible charge after a previous arrest for an eligible offense.

    The program is voluntary and does not require medical insurance.

  • How It Works

    Referral: Clients who have multiple recent low-level arrests, charges or convictions for eligible crimes in Antioch and who have behavioral health needs are referred by law enforcement to HealthRIGHT 360 for enrollment.

    Outreach: HealthRIGHT 360 offers referred clients a menu of case management services including housing, medical assistance, mental health assistance, legal services, vocational services and more.

    Enrollment: Once an eligible client agrees to enroll in the program, the Antioch PD will not submit a request for prosecution to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office for that offense. (However, if the individual fails to enroll in the program, their case may ultimately be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.)

  • Services

    The program staff includes peer readiness coaches, peer leaders, diversion navigators and others who support clients, with the goal of preventing repeated incarceration. CoCo LEAD Plus staff assists clients in achieving their personal progress goals toward lives with more individual agency.

    The program provides eligible individuals with support around employment, housing and navigation of Contra Costa’s behavioral healthcare system, as well as cognitive behavioral services and restorative justice circles.

  • Community Oversight

    To maintain open lines of communication and transparency throughout the program, CoCo LEAD Plus is governed by a Local Advisory Committee representing the following organizations:

    • Community-based organization representatives
    • Community-at-large representatives
    • Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Antioch Police Department
    • Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office
    • Contra Costa Probation Department
    • Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office
    • Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office
    • Contra Costa Racial Justice Coalition
    • Contra Costa Board of Supervisors
    • Contra Costa Housing Authority
    • Health, Housing and Homeless Services (H3)
    • Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services

  • About LEAD

    CoCo LEAD Plus is loosely modeled after the nationally recognized LEAD Program in Seattle, Washington, and made possible through the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund created by the implementation of Proposition 47.

    In 2017, the California Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) awarded a three-year, $5.9 million grant to Contra Costa County Health Services (BHS) to create CoCo LEAD Plus program.

    For more information about CoCo LEAD Plus, contact Lieutenant J. Vanderklugt with the Antioch Police Department at or Dr. Marie Scannell, BHS program manager, at

  • Agendas & Minutes


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