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ISO Risk Management

The facilities that are subject Contra Costa County's and the City of Richmond's Industrial Safety Ordinances (ISO) are required to treat every process as subject to the California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program 3 prevention program requirements. For example, under the CalARP Program, a refinery may have a number of Program 1 as well as Program 3 processes. Under the County's and the City of Richmond's ISO programs, the same refinery must implement Program 3 requirements for all Program 1 processes. Additionally, facilities subject to the County's ISO are required to have the following:

  • Conduct a Management of Change for Organizational Changes (MOOC) prior to staffing changes that impact operations or emergency response
  • A Human Factors Program that evaluates and addresses latent conditions associated with the following CalARP Program and ISO Prevention elements:
    • Operating Procedures
    • Process Hazard Analysis
    • Incident Investigation
    • Managing the Change of Organization for operations and emergency response
  • Develop a written Human Factors Program involving Employee Participation
  • Documented Training on the Human Factors Program
  • Consider Inherently Safer Systems for new and existing facilities or processes
  • Perform a Root Cause Analysis for any Major Chemical Accident or Release and submit reports to Contra Costa Health Services
  • Submit a Safety Plan to Contra Costa Health Services