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RMP - ECO Services.

Martinez, CA

The ECO Services. Martinez plant is located in the city of Martinez, north central Contra Costa County, on the south shore of the Carquinez Strait. The plant that processes, uses, or handles regulated substances is located on 25 acres of the 120 acre property just below and to the east of the Interstate 680 roadway as it approaches the south end of the Benecia Bridge. The south end of the property borders the Southern Pacific railroad tracks.

The plant was originally constructed in 1969. The process unit at the plant regenerates sulfuric acid from "spent" sulfuric acid, which is received from oil refineries. Sulfuric acid is the primary product at the facility. The majority of the acid is shipped to refineries and used in the gasoline manufacturing process.

For additional information regarding this facility's operations and most recent audit results, please view the Audit Summary | Spanish

Regulated Substances Subject to CalARP/Federal RMP/ISO:

Regulated Substances Program Level CalARP Regulated Federal RMP Regulated ISO Regulated
Anhydrous Ammonia 3 yes yes no
Sulfur Dioxide 3 yes no no
Sulfur trioxide 3 yes no no