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Contra Costa Health Services


Preventing Chronic Disease


Many thanks to the following organizations and individuals for making this Guide possible:

  • California Department of Health Services, for partial funding of the Chronic Disease Prevention Organizing Project.
  • Healthy Neighborhoods Project (HNP) of Contra Costa Health Services and HNP organizers Rita Cabeza and Wendy Cervantes, for carrying out organizing efforts in the El Pueblo and West Boulevard neighborhoods in Pittsburg, CA.
  • Members of the East County Chronic Disease Prevention Collaborative:
    • Pam Butler-Harris, Mickey Williams and Carmen Velez-Hernandez, First Baptist Head Start, Pittsburg, California.
    • Jim Becker, Center for Human Development, Pleasant Hill, California.
    • Dr. Cecilia Florio, La Clinica De La Raza Health Center, Pittsburg,California.
  • Art Hatchett, Bessanderson McNeil and the Public and Environmental Health Advisory Board (PEHAB), for spearheading the project concept with their document, "Chronic Disease Prevention: A Framework for Contra Costa."
  • Mary Anne Morgan and Yvette Leung, Guide authors.
  • Jena Fiel for helping launch CDPOP and developing many educational and marketing materials.
  • Eloine Chapman, Julie Freestone, Dan Smith and Andrea Bivens, Community Education and Information staff of the Community Wellness and Prevention Program, for graphics, layout, media advocacy chapter and editorial assistance.
  • Dawna Vann, Community Wellness and Prevention Program, Contra Costa Health Services, for word processing.

Content provided by the The Community Wellness & Prevention Program of Contra Costa Health Services.

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