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A3 Miles Hall Crisis Call Center

The A3 Miles Hall Crisis Call Center is the central component of the A3 model. Trained staff triage calls and provide care over the phone or send an in-person care team.

For support, call the A3 Miles Hall Crisis Call Center at 844-844-5544.

Hours of operation

  • 24/7

About Miles Hall

The A3 Miles Hall Call Center is named in honor of Miles Hall and the hundreds of other Contra Costans who face the challenge of a mental health incident, as well as the added jeopardy of getting the wrong help or no help at all.

Miles was a 23-year-old Black man who was tragically killed by law enforcement while suffering a severe mental health incident. Before the incident, Miles' mother Taun, found there were no places for him to go to get help unless he was a danger to himself or others, or gravely ill.

After Miles' death, Taun advocated for system-wide change to prevent unnecessary suffering and loss of life. Recognizing the enormous need for a system to help people in need and prevent mental health incidents from becoming emergencies, A3 was created.